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SourceForge has lost its common sense

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For long time the SourceForge was one of the most trusted open source projects repositories, where one could go to download the latest versions of numerous useful applications. They were a site safe from influence of various shady commercial interests, providing the installers and binaries as they are built by the project developers.

Few days ago it was announced on several technical sites that SourceForge has changed its business practice, and that it had went the CNET’s download.com way: they now repackage original installers into their own wrapper installers that (beside starting the contained original installer of the application one is interested in) perform drive-by installations of various cr*pware (adware, shareware, etc).

Following articles illustrate what is know about that change at this moment:

An afterthought: The same company that owns SourceForge is also owner of SlashDot discussion forum/site. So, I expect that they will go down the drain soon, too.

Update: Apparently this is going on for some time now:

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After years of trying various blog-like tools, in my opinion, the blogs are not a good tool for knowledge management. A blog-like interface may be useful as an additional “view” of the knowledge bases (e.g. wikies), for example to keep users informed on the changes to the knowledge base.

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