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Danger of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation

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How to halt spread of an infectious disease with limited amount of vaccine

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The ArXiv blog has a new article (http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/24623/) on the more sophisticated controls for the epidemics via targeted and timed applications of smaller doses of vaccines. The original research paper is at the arXiv: arXiv:1001.0170 “Speeding up disease extinction with a limited amount of vaccine” (by M. Khasin, M.I. Dykman, B. Meerson; 2009.12.31)http://arxiv.org/abs/1001.0170


100 Pushups chalenge

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We started this challenge 6 weeks ago. Some hints:

  • Repeat the previous week (actually the two-week block) as frequently as necessary
  • Give yourself enough pause between sets: if instructions say 1 minute, but you need more rest, take 2 minutes.
  • Same is if you feel that you need an extra day in middle of a practice week – it feels that I can do more and easier after such a extra day of rest.
  • If you do these in the morning the first several sets will hurt more that if you do the challenge in the evening. I guess it is up to not being warmed-up and stretched enough.
  • If you are doing some other challenge, too, you may want to stagger the days, e.g. do the push-ups training on Mon/Wed/Fri and sit-ups training on Tue/Thu/Sat. The only downside of such combination is that towards the end of the week you are really temped to postpone one or another challenge practice, since your body may be aching for a rest day.
  • The current combination that works very well for us to do both push-ups and sit-ups challenges the same day, by interleaving their sets. Do the first push-up set, than immediately the first sit-ups set, and do the first 1/2 minutes pause only then, etc.


Local links: Fitness links – https://eikonal.wordpress.com/2010/02/10/fitness-links/.

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