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Broken patents system

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Lawsuits in mobile space

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One more example of reactive social role of patent system

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Algorithms are a relatively precise set of instructions describing some process. In another words, they are ideas – complex chains of ideas, but still nothing more. Since algorithms can be “protected” by patents (at least in USA), one can perform variety of socially defined thoughtcrimes just by doing what is a natural proclivity and right of every sentient being: play with ideas, copy ideas, modify ideas, look how they combine, …

Since the beginning of human history, the already established social interest (individuals, groups) were using the social “laws” to prevent loss of profitability that their established position keeps bringing to them. It was like that since ever, and it will be until the last human society exists. The phenomena does not change, only its specifics take new faces and names.

The USA patent system (and its projection to the international domain) currently acts as one such social restraint, a force of conservation of established, and prevention of new. Through the last several decades it got corrupted by extending the application of the idea of patentability from the specific implementations of the algorithms to the general/abstract algorithms themselves.

The newest example of consequences of ability to patent the algorithms is following minor incident where a company that has successfully patented an algorithm to fingerprint the sound/music files threatens an developer who dared to implement general outlines of that algorithm afresh.

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