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Knowledge management

Knowledge bases: Wikies, etc.


Mind maps, Concept maps, Concept networks


Mind-mapping tools:

The only concept networking tool that I know about is:



Process management



After years of trying various blog-like tools, in my opinion, the blogs are not a good tool for knowledge management. A blog-like interface may be useful as an additional “view” of the knowledge bases (e.g. wikies), for example to keep users informed on the changes to the knowledge base.

Tagging, Labeling, Categorizing, etc.

Nothing to see here ….

PIMs (Personal Information Managers)

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  2. Another organizational chart resource would be Creately Online Organizational Chart Software . It is an diagramming tool with cloud support with real-time collaboration. There are 100s of organizational chart templates and examples to be used freely.


    Comment by Shalin Siriwardhana — 2017.12.11 @ 05:31

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