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“Law of Attraction”/”Secret”

One more over-hyped superstition/quackery. It probably brought financial health to the originator of idea, but otherwise …

  • “Secret” (Afif’s blog; 2010.12.12) – http://atabsh.wordpress.com/2010/12/12/the-secret/
      But after actually reading the book it definitely seems a bit over rated…the law simply tells you that if you really focus hard on thinking and feeling about what you dream in life…you’ll get it. Yes yes you read right…so if you focus…think and feel…very hard on becoming a multi-billionaire…guess what..you will become one! … if you really focus on being happy and living safely you simply will …don’t bother if an earthquake, a tsunami, a car crash, a war breaks …you’ll just live only if you focus on it.

      It got me wondering about all the people in Africa who die out of hunger, illness, fights… were they really not focusing on being happy? Living with money? Being safe? …are only the US and Europeans the ones who have had that “Secret” since ages or does it only apply to them or ?

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