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Windows tools


System information tools / Gathering system information


RAM tools

Hard disk size usage

Hard disk defragmentation

Partitioning hard disks

Currently running processes

Port mappers / Currently open ports

  • FPort by Foundstone@McAfee – http://www.foundstone.com/us/resources/proddesc/fport.htm; [FREEWARE]
  • CurrPorts – http://www.snapfiles.com/get/cports.html [FREEWARE] – it allows viewing a list of ports that are currently in use, and the applications using them. You can close a selected connection and also terminate the process using it, and export all or selected items to a HTML or text report. Additional information includes the local port name, local/remote IP address, highlighted status changes and more. Other features include logging of changes, custom filters and more.
  • Opened Ports Viewer by Gaijin – http://www.gaijin.at/en/dlopview.php… displays a list with all opened ports on a machine, including the associated process (similar the console command “netstat”). The port list can be sorted and filtered. An export function enables youto save the list as HTML, CSV or plain text file. Opened Ports Viewer can be used in multi-user environments and on USB sticks.

Control of startup programs

System maintenance and Patching


Registry cleaning and maintenance


Undeleting/recovering files


Recovering product keys


  • Oops!Backup by Altaro – http://www.altaro.com/timemachine/index.php [COMMERCIAL]
  • Misc


    Spam protection

    Here: Security tools –https://eikonal.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/security-tools/ | Portable tools – https://eikonal.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/portable-applications/.

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