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Using AutoText in MS Word

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Adding a string into your custom AutoText list:

  • Make AutoText toolbar visible: Tools > Customize > Toolbars > Close
  • 1. Mark the string in the current document
  • 2. Press the “New” button on AutoText toolbar
  • 3. Choose the name for the new AutoText item

Assigning the AutoText items to keystroke shortcuts:

  • Tools [menu] > Customize [tab] > Commands > Keyboards [button]
  • In Categories window scroll down to the AutoText
  • In AutoText windows scroll down to the chosen name for the autotext item
  • Move the focus of the cursor to the “Press new shortcut key” window and then press the keystroke that you wish to assign to the choosen autotext
  • Press Assign button
  • repeat as neccessary

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