Eikonal Blog


Facts and musings:

  1. I am a physics-educated person working in the information security field. My interests span various science fields, IT areas, and some other bits and pieces of life, knowlegables, and existence.
  2. This is my fifth experiment with blogging, and I certainly hope that it will make more sense than previous ones.
  3. I am link collector, and am actually using this blog as a wiki (ie. a knowledge repository).
  4. I chose this platform/host primarily for the reason that it already supports LaTeX code embedding for mathematical notation.
  5. On the downside, I do not like that it requires entering html code when writing pages, since no mater how simple and straightforward it is, it is quite inefficient to type again and again the
    <li>NameOfTheLink: <a href="URL">URL</a></li>

    numerous times per page. I would rather have it accept the simple wiki markup

    * NameOofTheLink - URL

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