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  • “New Tool Hides Data In Plain Sight On HDDs” (SlashDot; 2011.04.25) – http://it.slashdot.org/story/11/04/25/1558237/New-Tool-Hides-Data-In-Plain-Sight-On-HDDs
      “A group of researchers has developed a new application that can hide sensitive data on a hard drive without encrypting it or leaving any obvious signs that the data is present. The new steganography system relies on the old principle of hiding valuables in plain sight. Developed by a group of academic researchers in the US and Pakistan, the system can be used to embed secret data in existing structures on a given HDD by taking advantage of the way file systems are designed and implemented. The software does this by breaking a file to be hidden into a number of fragments and placing the individual pieces in clusters scattered around the hard drive.”

Electronic Music

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Cloud computing

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Online storage

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