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Language evolution and families

Origins of language

Language evolution

Famiies: Semitic

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  1. […] [FOR PAY ARTICLE] Related here: Language evolution and families – https://eikonal.wordpress.com/2010/12/16/language-families/ | Learning languages / Language acquisition – […]


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  2. A good collection of essays on language myths. Each essay is well written, informative a thorough. They destroy most of the fallacies about language that are so embedded in peoples minds, not just in the layman’s mind but in the minds of some scholars, especially those with a philology background whose training consists mostly in the study of literature and poetry, for example; Spanish philologists. Taken collectively, however, some of the topics/ideas overlap in different essays making the reading somewhat repetitive at times (for this reason alone I haven’t given the book full marks). Nevertheless I highly recommend it both to linguists and non-linguists with an interest in language.


    Comment by Mario Macas — 2011.05.31 @ 21:10

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