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sed tricks

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These one-liners are collected from various sites and articles on web – see the list of Sources at the bottom of this posting.

  • Deleting all empty lines from the input file:
    sed ‘/^$/d’ 
  • In-place replacement:
    sed –i ‘/^$/d’ INPUTFILE
  • In-place replacement with backup of original file:
    sed –ibak ‘/^$/d’ INPUTFILE
  • In-place deletion of all occurences of a string in a file:
    sed –i ‘/WORDTOBEDELETED/d’
  • How to replace the first occurrence only (of a string match) in a file, using sed
  • Append environment variable PATH with sed:
    sed -e '/^PATH/s/"$/:\/usr\/lib\/myprog\/bin"/g' -i /etc/environment
  • Remove all whitespace from beinning of lines:
    sed 's/^[ \t]*//g' foo
  • Deleting the / from all html files contained in current folder:
    sed -i ‘s/src=”\//src=”/g’ *.html
  • Greedy matching:
    % echo "foobar" | sed 's///g'
  • Non greedy matching:
    % echo "foobar" | sed 's/]*>//g'



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