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  • “Schmoozing 101: The Gift Of Gab” by Erin Pooley (Canadian Business Online; 2005.12.05) – http://www.canadianbusiness.com/managing/career/article.jsp?content=20060106_141640_5236While most of us won’t make it onto the Canadian Business Rich List, it doesn’t mean that hobnobbing with the fabulously wealthy is out of the question.
  • “Schmoozing 101” by Corey Hajim (2001.12.03) – http://media.www.harbus.org/media/storage/paper343/news/2001/12/03/AccessRecruitingGuide/Schmoozing.101-155809.shtml
  • “The Art of Schmoozing” by Guy Kawasaki (2006.02.01) – http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2006/02/the_art_of_schm.html

    • “It’s not what you know or who you know, but who knows you.” Susan RoAne.
    • The key is to establish a relationship before you need it. And this is why I’d like to provide the art of schmoozing.
    • 1. Understand the goal. … “Discovering what you can do for someone else.” …
    • 2. Get out.
    • 3. Ask good questions, then shut up. … get others to talk a lot. … good schmoozers are good listeners, not good talkers …
    • 4. Unveil your passions.
    • 5. Read voraciously. … read voraciously–and not just the EE Times, PC Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. You need a broad base of knowledge so that you can access a vast array of information during conversations. …
    • 6. Follow up.
    • 7. Make it easy to get in touch.
    • 8. Give favors.
    • 9. Ask for the return of favors. Good schmoozers give favors. Good schmoozers also return favors. However, great schmoozers ask for the return of favors. …

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