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Psychodelic rock from 1970s









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Cygwin stuff

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Various Cygwin links

Portable Cygwin


Setting effective HOME to your Windows “My Documents” folder.

  1. Start a Cygwin shell
  2. You should be located in your default directory which inside Cygwin looks like /home/thisuser, but from the Windows standpoint could be something like c:\cygwin\home\thisuser.
  3. Type ln -s /cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/thisuser/My Documents/ ./docs
  4. Edit .profile and .bashrc to put at their ends following lines:
      export HOME=./docs
      cd $HOME
  5. that is it. Restart Cygwin. You should now be in the /home/thisuser/docs/ which is the same place as Windows’ c:\Documents and Settings\thisuser\My Documents/

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Book: “Alternate Realities: Mathematical Models of Nature and Man”

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“Alternate Realities: Mathematical Models of Nature and Man” by John L. Casti

Alternate Realities

Recently I have re-read this book 15 years after the first reading. It covers various topics from definition of complexity (as a measure of surprise/difference between the anticipated and real outputs of the system), building mathematical model generating predetermined series of outputs, introduction to theory of catastrophes, cellular automata, etc.

Book: Linear Structures

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“Linear Structures” (Charles Griffin Series-Griffin’s Statistical Monographs, No 42) by Jan R. Magnus

Impressive book on the generalized matrix inverses and so called L(linear) structures. I wish I had access to this book much earlier, it sheds the light on various questions/problems I have been working through last 20+ years. It is an absolutely recommendable book.

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