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Privacy Doubters

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There is a set of sites and individuals that are arguing that the concent(s) of “privacy” is actually harmful and that any element of privacy leads to (at least some of) current society’s ills.
Instead, they argue that exactly opposite should be done: the complete removal of privacy, the full transparency about everyone.

Dawning of the age … of the disposable workers

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The Consumerist has a short article (http://consumerist.com/2010/01/welcome-to-the-permanent-temporary-workforce.html) on this new economic world order where no-one can retain even the illusion of having stable/permanent job.

The Consumerist’s article reflects upon longer article “The Disposable Worker” from the BusinessWeek (http://www.businessweek.com/print/magazine/content/10_03/b4163032935448.htm).

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