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Network discovery tools

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Passwords cracking

Offline crackers

Online tools


Generating password hashes

  • Generating unix-style MD5 password hashes:
    • openssl passwd -1 -salt QIGCa pippo
    • produces: $1$QIGCa$/ruJs8AvmrknzKTzM2TYE.
  • Generating password hash for native system crypt() function:
    • perl -e ‘print crypt(“pippo”, “\$1\$QIGCa”),”\n”‘
    • produces: $1Su6NR9CFU/6


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MD5 crackers

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Online free lectures

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GOTO: “Expand your mind” – https://eikonal.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/expand-your-mind/.

AES256 hardware encryption for USB Flash drives bypassed

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Note: Actually, it is not AES that was cracked/attacked, but the password entry mechanism used by Windows machines while accessing the content of USB Flash drives.

How to halt spread of an infectious disease with limited amount of vaccine

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The ArXiv blog has a new article (http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/24623/) on the more sophisticated controls for the epidemics via targeted and timed applications of smaller doses of vaccines. The original research paper is at the arXiv: arXiv:1001.0170 “Speeding up disease extinction with a limited amount of vaccine” (by M. Khasin, M.I. Dykman, B. Meerson; 2009.12.31)http://arxiv.org/abs/1001.0170

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